Documents meet messages

Droppoint connect messages and documents.

Share any type of document, instantly ready for comments and collaboration. 

For You - your team - for any group.

For quick and secure communication.

No installation required - works with all modern browsers, also on mobile.



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Create your private spaces for dialogue with colleagues, groups and customers. Each unique dialogue may have its own unique space. Invite as needed and create a shared context for discussions, comments and sharing documents.

Efficient dialogue

Droppoint sidesteps the tangles and chaos that email communication often creates. With droppoint you can easily make smart connections between people, issues, comments and documents. Everything instantly available to the group.

Store, share and retrieve

Upload files and documents. Edit name, add a description, tags, topic and comments. Connect comments to that particular document, add workflow and history is readily available to all group members.

Safe and simple

Droppoint means quick and secure document sharing. As easily as sending email, but considerably safer and much cleaner.