When email = chaos

Use droppoint to reclaim control of your inbox and regain efficiency

Is email about to collapse?

Email has been with us for almost 30 years and is still an important tool. Yet more and more people perceive email as an unsafe and inefficient channel for modern interaction, and we are constantly seeking new alternatives.

‘Information overload' leads us to overlook important information, and we spend all too much time every day looking for old emails.

Email communication becomes chaos as soon as there are more than two people involved.  One person may be replying to an old email, while another might be forgotten in the next. Some emails go to the wrong recipient all together and many important messages are simply overlooked and ignored.

The huge amount of daily emails make working very fragmented and inefficient, but we still try and keep up, because some emails are important and need to be answered .

The good news is that droppoint can resolve these issues. By offering an alternative to email for more advanced dialogue, we can relieve the email so that it again may function as a channel. We have no wish to kill off email; in fact droppoint integrates and uses email for verification, daily updates and notifications. However, we do wish for droppoint to take over where mail simply makes us inefficient and lead to mistakes and misunderstandings.



Sidestep email issues with droppoint

Control the context

In droppoint you're in charge of the context. You establish the unique spaces, invite the right people and everything in this space is kept safe within this context

Organize and connect

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Posts may be edited and classified at any point. Files that are no longer useful, can be deleted or cleared away in the archive. These may also be re-published if needed.