Edit and organize

Rename, tag, connect your uploaded files to make sharing easy

Rename files

In droppoint you can easily rename files, like the cryptic names of images from your iPad, so that you and others quickly understand what it is.


Add a description so that everyone in the space can immediately understand what this document or image is about. This way it will make sence later as well.


Add comments to the document or image. This makes it easier for everyone to know what kind of feedback and commentary you want regarding this file. The comments stay with the file to keep the full dialogue available to everyone during, and after, the discussion.


Connect other members or themes to the document or image and cross tag them with #tags to make it easy to find the files later.


Keeping the spaces tidy is easy. Scared to delete someone else's files? Not an issue in droppoint; anyone can delete or move a file to the archive, but they may also just as easily recover them from the archive. If needed, the admin may even restore deleted files.

Context management

Making sure only the right people have access to the space is easy; Invite those who should be part of it, and remove those who no longer need access.


Put workflow on any type of document. Assign a member, set a due date and together with status field there will be workflow.

Due date

Set a due date on documents. Together with assign a member and status field workflow can be set on any type of document.