Make the most of droppoint

Your spaces are closed areas controlled and owned by you. This is where you may store files, posts and comments; and these are all shared only with the people you invite into your space.

All the space(s) you need

Begin with creating your first space to upload your files for storage and/or sharing.

TIP! Klick the add button (in SPACES) to create a new space

Storage simply for yourself

Upload and store files and documents in your space(s). This is usefull when you need to transfer files or just want a back-up. You then also have these files (i.e. your upcoming presentation) avaiable wherever you may be.

TIP! Klick the add button (in UPLOADS) to upload new files

Invite a colleague

Invite a colleague or anyone you'd like to talk to about an issue (or a document), and the dialogue is on ...

TIP! Klick the invite button   (space area) to invite

Get the whole team in

Expand the space to include the whole team, or rather: anyone who should be part of the discussion. The space is by invite only, and as creator you're in control.

New issue = new space

Whenever a new task, project or issue comes up, you can make a new space for it. Every issue its own space.


Make drafts, edit content, upload, store or delete if it's not any good. You may start off with baby steps, and droppoint will grow with you.

Snap-shots from the meeting

Take a snap-shot of the whiteboard with your tablet (et al) and store it directly to droppoint; it'll be instantly available for the members of that space, and it's also there for later review.

Needle and haystack

droppoint gives you an easy overview, but also lets you find your particular stuff. Latest activities hover at the top, and if you need to find older material, you can make a simple search (i.e. by use of #tags).