Best in test

Vega and droppoint - top score in PC Word Norway's CRM test 2016.


Droppoint with Vega makes a unique collaboration experience.

What is new? We have added

Editable messages

Messages are now editable so you can correct typos and edit your messages.

Who is updated?

Seen the latest messages? With a quick glance you know what your fellow members have read.

Instant @ and #tag filtering

The @ and # buttons instantly filter on member or the tag you search for, accross or within your spaces.

Assign uploads to members

For workflow, you can assign any upload to a member.

This in addition to

the features already there

Instant member filtering

The @ search will instantly show you the content by other members or where they are mentioned.

Tag any message

With #tag any message can be tagged.


All communication in droppoint is encrypted.

Store and share

Upload unlimited files and documents. Edit name, add a description, tags, topic and comments

Efficient dialogue

Put your messages and files in context rigth away. All comments readily available to group members.

Easy sign in

Sign straight in with your existing fb, li, g+ or live account.

It is private

Your spaces are Your spaces. Nothing is shared. Access by invitation only.

Presentation mode

Presentation mode let you run slide shows directly in droppoint 

Read the stream from start

The read from start button  let you read the stream from the beginning.

Read without downloading

View pictures and documents directly in droppoint, avoid to fill up your download directory

Cleaning and maintenance

All members can take part maintaining the spaces. Change name, new description, archiving or deleting are all documented actions. Add comments and everybody is informed.

Access control

You create and own your spaces, access by invitation only. Admin can deactivate members and transfer ownership to another member.